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An easy, innovative and on-going fundraising program.
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How Does FundScrip Work?

No selling involved! FundScrip is simple and innovative...
  • Order gift cards at face value, get face value at retailers. There is no additional charge to you when you order by cheque or money order!
  • Use your ordered gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash when shopping for your everyday items and gifts.
  • With gift cards from over 250 leading retailers, there's no need to change your shopping habits.
  • Every time a gift card is ordered, a donation from the retailer is automatically directed to St. David's while you keep the full value of the card. These donations quickly add up to support the church in a great way!

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Participating Retailers

Click here for a list of over 250 retailers that you can order gift cards for. A printed copy is also available for review at the FundScrip Desk in the church narthex.

How to Order

  1. Click here to download and print an order form or take one from the FundScrip Desk in the church narthex.
  2. Complete the order form and follow the payment instructions on the form. Note: payment must be in the form of a cheque, money order, or Interac e-Transfer. Cash payments cannot be accepted.
  3. Place your completed order form (with a cheque or money order attached) in the drop-off box at the FundScrip Desk. Interac e-Transfers should be sent prior to dropping off your order form.
  4. Orders will be collected from the drop-off box on the last Sunday of every month, following the 10 am service. They will be forwarded as a group order to FundScrip that afternoon.
  5. Pick up your ordered gift cards two Sundays later from a volunteer in the narthex. If you miss this opportunity, you can pick up your gift cards at the church office during office hours (Monday to Thursday, 9 am - noon) or on future Sundays.
  6. Continue your support each month! Thank you!

MAXIMIZE Your Support!

  1. Make it a routine! Pre-purchase gift cards for your weekly expenditures like groceries, gas and restaurant meals. Continue throughout the year!
  2. Purchase gift cards as presents for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.
  3. Planning a home renovation? Purchase hardware store gift cards for your materials.
  4. Ask family and friends to support St. David's. Provide them with our FundScrip order form and submit it on their behalf--or invite them to a service!
  5. Order gift cards to purchase items that you intend to donate (e.g., non-perishable food items, clothing, etc.).


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