In-Person Worship & Pandemic Protocols

  • Reopening of the church building for in-person worship began Sunday, August 22nd, 2021. Service times are outlined below.

  • Our Reopening Team has developed a plan, which has been approved by Bishop Susan, to uphold provincial public health directives and to reopen in as safe a manner as possible. Key elements of this plan are highlighted in the various sections listed below.

  • This page will continue to be updated as the pandemic situation evolves. Be sure to revisit for the latest information.

Register Weekly for In-Person Worship

  • In order to maintain physical distancing and ensure that our maximum pandemic capacity is not exceeded, people who would like to attend in-person worship services must register online or by phone, in advance, each week.

  • Each week, click on the following button to register. More information on how to register, by phone or online, is presented when you click on the button.

In-Person Worship Service Times

  • Wednesdays @ 10:00 am

  • Sundays @ 8:00 am

  • Sundays @ 10:00 am

Video: St. David's Reopening -- What to Expect

Cleaning & Disinfection

  • The church worship space will be cleaned after every service.

  • All touch points in the worship space and all common areas in the narthex, including the elevator, door knobs, railings, the washroom, etc. will be cleaned after both Sunday services.

  • Our caretaker and team of volunteers will use approved cleaning products and wear appropriate gloves and masks.

  • All hymn books, prayer books, pew cushions, etc. have been removed from the worship space.

  • Cleaning products and hand sanitizer have been placed in the one available washroom (located upstairs) so that individuals can clean handles, etc. prior to use. Signs are in place to describe how to do this best.

  • Hand sanitizer has been placed in front of the elevator access points. Signs indicate that all individuals using the elevator must sanitize their hands prior to pushing the button, and that only one family/cohort can use the elevator at a time.

  • Hand sanitizer is also available at the church entrance, the screening desk, and in the church as people receive communion.

Education & Screening

  • Parishioners are reminded not to come to worship if they feel unwell. Click here for information relating to COVID-19 symptoms from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

  • Volunteers have been trained to ensure that they know their specific roles before the first service.

  • A short video describing what to expect can be viewed by clicking here. 🆕

  • Sides people will help to direct people in and out of the pews on their way to communion and as they enter and exit the church.

  • Signage is in place in all common areas such as washrooms to inform people of proper hygiene and sanitation.

  • When registered people arrive at the church, a volunteer "host/screener" will greet them at the door of the narthex and will ask them a series of screening questions. Visitors will be screened in a similar manner.

  • Information to parishioners will continue to be provided through this "Parish Reopening & Pandemic Protocols" web page and through our regular email announcements and newsletters. Members of the parish who do not have email will continue to receive notifications by phone.

Physical Distancing, Movement & Contact Tracing

  • People can register their attendance online or by phone to a maximum pandemic capacity of 50 (including volunteers, sides people, screeners, clergy and musicians).

  • The names and phone numbers of all people entering the church for worship services will be recorded and kept on file in the event that contact tracing is necessary. To expedite the movement of people into the worship space, contact information will be collected at the time of registration and quickly verified upon screening.

  • In the worship space, family members and people who are part of the same cohort or social bubble will be able to sit together in one pew. These cohort groupings must be defined at the time of registration.

  • Sides people will assist in directing and seating people in the pews, ensuring that six feet of separation is maintained between all cohorts in a left-to-right direction. To ensure six feet of separation in a front-to-back direction is maintained, seating will be limited to every third pew (the two rows between each third pew are roped off).

  • To help maintain physical distancing, the church will be filled front-to-back and people will leave worship back-to-front with the guidance of sides people.

  • Signage related to physical distancing is in place at entrances, washrooms, hallways and in the worship space.

  • The area inside the rear entrance doors and the stairway leading to the narthex has been marked off to ensure physical distancing as people arrive for worship and as they are screened by the greeter. People will then be guided to their seats by a sides person.

  • People are asked to wear their masks at all times apart from receiving the sacrament (host only). Immediately after receiving the host, parishioners will be directed out the church by a sides person in order to ensure physical distancing is maintained and to avoid the crowding of people through socialization.

Liturgical/Worship Adaptations

  • Communion in one kind only.

  • There will be no congregational singing, but music will be performed. 🆕

  • Parishioners responses during liturgy to be done quietly.

  • There will be no Sunday School or children's focus.

  • There will be no passing of the peace except within your own family/social cohort.

  • The offertory plate will be on a table at the front of the church. People will be invited to place their offerings in the plate as they come up for communion. Alternatively, people may provide their offerings through other ways (e.g., mail, e-Transfer, etc.) as described on our "Ways to Give" page (click here).

  • There will be no microphone on the lecturn. Instead, one stand-alone microphone will be used by one reader per service and the microphone will be disinfected after every service.

  • Clergy have their own microphones and they will not be shared.

  • The Blessing and Doxology will be performed prior to the administration of the Eucharist so that parishioners can exit the church immediately after receiving the host.

  • The air-conditioning will be turned off and the windows will be opened. The ceiling fans in the worship space will be turned off prior to the service. 🆕

  • All liturgical prayers, videos and announcements will be presented through PowerPoint and displayed on the four televisions in the church. No materials will be handed out. Parish announcements will also be delivered by email or social media. For those who do not have internet access, our pastoral outreach committee will inform them of important announcements by phone.

Parish Groups & Meetings

  • Group meetings and faith formation activities (e.g., Bible Study) are permitted as long as two meters of distance can be maintained between attendees and masks are worn. Outdoor gatherings are preferred however. 🆕

Online Worship Services

  • In order to reach those who are not comfortable in returning to church at this time, or anyone else in the community, worship services are livestreamed each Sunday at 10 am. Livestreamed services will be recorded and posted on our website and YouTube channel for those who wish to watch at times of their choosing. 🆕

  • Click here for the livestream and an archive of past services.

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