About St. David's

We are a welcoming, caring Christian community which actively engages in reaching out to the larger community around us. We invite you to come and see for yourselves what we are about as we live out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Established in 1949, the congregation of St. David’s Anglican Church first met in a nearby schoolhouse before purchasing the present property on Thorold Road. Today we are a vibrant group of Christ's disciples reaching out to the community with many ministries including: family and children's programming, gently used clothing, home and hospital visitation, knitting, prayer shawl, and teddy bear ministries, Christian education, food security, global justice and so much more. All are welcome to experience the joy of worshipping God and helping others.


The Venerable Terry Holub

Pastoral Associate

The Reverend Nirmal Mendis


Rev. Deacon Richard Middleton


Joan Perry

Director of Music

Sue Myung Oh

Children & Family Ministry Coordinator

Alison Steele