Prayer Requests

The Power of Prayer

When we pray, we are partnering with God and demonstrating that we fully trust in His love and plan for us. We pray to live out our God-given mandate “to pray for one another”. When we pray, we live out this principle given to us by Jesus. Prayer is part of our individual spiritual growth and by praying for others we encompass the love of God given through Jesus. The way to have a healthy relationship with Jesus is to spend some time each day in prayer. We bring our prayers to God, whether for ourselves or for others, knowing that God responds to our request. In our Anglican tradition, we have many opportunities to pray collectively and privately. Praying brings us all closer to God.

Prayer Group

St. David’s has a group that receives prayer requests and commits to praying for individuals on a daily basis over a period of time. If you would like to make a prayer request or if you are interested in joining our prayer group, please contact our Prayer Group leader, Stephen Hanns, at or call the church office (905•734•4627).

Sunday Morning “Prayers of the People”

Our parish has formal prayer lists that individuals can add names to, so that you or your loved one can be prayed for in their time of need. Please contact the church office (905•734•4627) if you would like to add an individual to our: hospital or urgent need list, long-term care list, palliative care list or faithful departed list. These prayers form part of our “Prayers of the People” on Sunday morning.

Pastoral Care

Please contact the church office (905•734•4627) regarding any urgent pastoral care needs.